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Boost your child's learning at home with our fun and proven education products.

At RM Education we've been a friend in the classroom for nearly 40 years. Helping teachers to teach and children to learn. You'll find our name on all kinds of resources including books and specialist software. You've maybe seen us around...

Our philosophy has always been to deliver inspiring, engaging learning. And we can prove that education is much more effective when it's fun.

Now, for the first time, all our insight and expertise is available to you at home.

Take a look around our website to see all the ways we can help your child develop and learn… but above all, enjoy themselves while they're doing it.

Happy Learning...

Maths Maths

Maths doesn't have to be difficult and boring. It can be easy and fun! Count on us to help with numeracy.

Literacy Literacy

Fun resources to improve reading, spelling and comprehension, and spark your child's imagination!

Extra Help Extra Help

Getting to grips with things that don't come naturally. Simple steps that make a real difference.

Educational Gifts Educational Gifts

Unwrap a present that will open the mind. Gifts to please grown-ups as much as kids.

Stretch your child Stretch your child

Help your child to be the best they can be..

Holiday Projects Holiday Projects

No more "What shall we do today?"
Holiday projects and a whole lot of fun.

SEN Sensory Rooms SEN Sensory Rooms

Bubbling with great ideas.
Special-School-standard SEN for your home.

School Finder School Finder

The right school for your child? We've done all the homework...